Get an edge. Take more chances on the bases and that means there should be more hit and runs and even stolen bases if players are capable of buying into the concept of playing baseball and not just another night of Home Run Derby.

This is a sprint and not just in the amount of games played.

“Good baseball managers, the ones that are left, will win some games this year because of the shortness of the season,” one long-time scout told me. “It’s funny how the length of our season takes away the importance of the gut instinct. ‘It’s a long season, you have to go with the analytics.’ But in a short series, the gut instincts are allowed to play by good managers.”

It’s up to you managers, show some guts.

Keep the nerd script in this 60-game season but also evaluate on the ground. For a change, it’s all on the line every game.

In 2020, managers are important again.