Mr. Shamsky, it was an honor to talk to you today. Although I wasn’t around to see the ’69 team in person, I feel like I was there considering how many times I’ve seen the highlights and how much I heard the names of all of the ’69 Mets growing up when my family was talking sports. Is there anything you’d like to leave our fans with as a final thought?

I am just so grateful that fans still remember that ’69 team. Even though they might not have been around, the fact that they remember or learn about it is so special. It was something so special in their parents or grandparents’ lives and it gets passed on. I sense that. I am thankful that the team lives on forever and I am thankful that there’s a nucleus of guys that are still around too. We lost 10 or 11 guys, but there’s still a lot around and I hope they’ll be around for a long time. It’s just wonderful to be able to talk to people like yourself who likes to talk about the team and write about it. That’s what’ll live on forever.

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