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Mudville: June 15, 2024 5:48 pm PDT

Mike’s Hot Dogs

“I enjoy performing for healthy armed people. It’s easier than going to Georgia.” – Robin Williams


There is nothing more important in life than finding the perfect match. The yin to your yang. The whipped cream to your pumpkin pie.

And for #thefoodguy it’s finding the perfect hot dog. I’ve done well and it’s been a blessed life. I have a great wife, some solid puppies and kids growing faster than the BallNine Swag Shop. I have little to complain about, but as I look over the hill to 40 I have one thing left to do…find America’s best hot dog.

It won’t be easy, and it won’t be quick, but its guaranteed to be delicious, and so far – it’s been fun. I’ve never been one to enjoy instant gratification. I like to dig my heels in and grind it out, and the grind for meat sticks is just beginning.

This week’s adventure is taking us to Sandy Springs, Georgia, and although we started the day with a plan, the bottom fell out so we had to improvise. For a guy who spends 3/4 of his year on the road, you must always be ready to change plans on the fly.

Mr. Road Warrior, Frequent Flyer Food Guy, the…

It wouldn’t be BTD without the brilliant commentary of…well, you.

I don’t think the readers know just all that you do for my column and your comedy contributions are underrated by many.

On Monday I get the call to be in Atlanta at the last minute and I have to scrap my original BTD plan and come up with new one on the fly, literally.

Luckily, I have been able to grow my networks of friends around the country and support for helping the BallNine family find America’s best dawg has become more of a group effort than a solo joint.

It’s easy to be passionate about someone who loves hot dogs, right?

You do have a weird relationship with your work…

I know, it’s a gift and a curse.

Fast forward 24 hours and my guy Cape in the suburbs of Atlanta sends me the name “Mike’s Hot Dogs” in Silver Springs. I do my normal Google search, read some reviews, look at some pics and decide this place is BTD worthy.

He is going to meet me there and we are going to have some fun filming and eating local dogs, plus he promised to bring some “red rockets” (not that part of your naughty dog – ACTUAL hot dogs) you can only find in his home county. I’m excited… and this last-second trip is now something to look forward to.

I send an email and hope for the best.

Wednesday morning comes and as it does – life happens – and suddenly, I have no date with my man Cape, no participation from the shop and a need for a hot date.

Up close and personal

This week in BTD, we get up close and personal with #thefoodguy™

A single food guy searching for his soul meat…

That’s right my friend. Single and ready to mingle….

This is the part of the story where El Jefe suggests I put myself out there and follow my heart. (Editor’s note: I said keep a cardiologist on speed dial, but this was close enough.)

What comes next?

You’ll have to click play and find out.

Maybe the reason Michael got stood up was because he couldn't stop talking about his ``Little Wiener Cart``.

Stay tuned and stay hungry.



Mike’s Hot Dogs:

5948 Roswell Rd

Sandy Springs, GA 30328



Rating: Nominated Dog (Hey- just getting your name called is a big deal)

Major League Teams: The Atlanta Braves

Minor League Teams: Gwinnett Stripers, Rome Braves, GCL Braves

Other Baseball: Savannah Bananas – Coastal Plain League. A little baseball and a LOT of fun!

Shout Out: @Braves_Cape from Twitter for the suggestion

The Chicago and the Chili Cheese Dogs

And here are this week's contestants on... Behind The Dish!

How We Score Your Wieners:

    1. Oscar Wiener (The Best, award winning)
    2. Best Supporting Meat (The Joe Pesci of hot dogs- never a star, but you need him)
    3. Nominated Dog (Hey- just getting your name called is a big deal)
    4. Honorable Mention (Average, Edible- No shame in the game- or bun)
    5. Drunk David Hasselhoff (You may be on the floor and incoherent after this one)

Father, husband, runner, and food guy. Baseball traveler, stadium food connoisseur, and podcast fill-in. Just here for the hot dogs.

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