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Mudville: July 19, 2024 11:26 pm PDT

Hot Dog Pete’s

“Remember that every good friend was once a stranger.” – Anonymous




I know last week was all about the people, but that doesn’t mean it can’t stay that way. In the beginning of this adventure I was #thefoodguy without a clear vision. Our first runs at this were pictures and words. They were reviews of some great, sometimes famous hot dog joints I was finding while traveling the country. Some were good and some were “Drunk David Hasselhoff’s” and I swear I would go back and eat at any of them when I pass through town again. Over the last 6 months something changed. The stories became a show and the videos started to include some participation from the vendors and it made for some cool episodes.

More people started watching and the pressure to perform became more like an obsession. Every week was a grind. Tons of emails and texts and phones calls. Always trying to find something bigger and better. It took me a little while, but I soon realized it wasn’t about me or hot dogs as much as it was about people. People are everything in life and I continue to learn and grow by getting the opportunity to meet some truly amazing ones.

Remember Short Leash? Clay’s Dawgs? How about last week’s episode from Baltimore and the people who helped us at G & A Restaurant.

What made these episodes great in my opinion was the stories of the people kind enough to drop what they were doing and invite us into their worlds for a hot dog, some hospitality and a few amazing stories that started with a dream.

People are everything and this week, once again, we had the opportunity to sit down and break bread (or hot dog buns) with a couple more. Truly blessed my friends.

How am I supposed to poke fun at that?

You’re not. No one is. The world’s an ugly place right now and if my antics could bring a few smiles and laughs to the world, I’ve done something. This is what gets me out of bed in the morning and into the internet in hopes of connecting with a great story, a delicious hot dog and a new friend. This is what reminds me to be humble, listen and hopefully learn. I’m still #thefoodguy and I plan on staying that way regardless of what the future holds. I’ve made a lot of friends during this journey and before it’s over I’m certain to make a bunch more.

Amen brother.

Now let’s get to work. Hot dog Pete’s in Atlanta, GA. A stone throws away from old Turner Field and right off of Hank Aaron Drive. This area of the city just drips sports history, built for the 1996 Olympics and later converted into a new ballpark for the Atlanta Braves in 1997; some of the greatest baseball players of my lifetime grinded out winning teams year after year under HOF manager Bobby Cox. Glavine, A. Jones, Maddux, C. Jones, McGriff, Smoltz, Justice, Lopez, Gant, Klesko. The list is endless.

Those teams won a lot of ball games and a World Series, produced multiple HOFers and delivered a lot of fun and excitement as baseball recovered from the 1994 strike shortened season and grew again in popularity during the steroid era. Here, located in the perfect spot, is a hot dog place that is full of amazing people who love what they do and unbelievable food. We aren’t in meat and bun territory anymore. No sir, Jeremy Chambers the kind owner who invited us in and rolled out the red carpet on 12 hours’ notice isn’t serving plain Jane meat sticks- he’s made simple food into art. Just listen to how they describe the brand themselves.

“Hot dogs are an iconic American staple but like everything else in America, we are influenced by many cultures and recipes that continue to evolve. Hot Dog Pete’s is an exploration of such history and melting pot of culture and stories.” – Hot Dog Pete’s

Another week, another people driven story about hot dogs.  Alii (like Hawaii) the manager and his amazing staff were warm, welcoming and full of knowledge. As restaurant lifers we shared stories about our come up, our dreams and what kept us in this crazy business since we were kids. We talked about how hard work overcomes it all. He’s got the kind of passion you can’t teach. He’s one of the good ones. If you want to know how strong this team is you only need to know one thing- They opened in July of 2020 in the middle of Covid and have built a successful restaurant against all the normal hurdles and all of the new ones 2020 throws. Unbelievable stuff, man. Enough from me- sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy another episode of “Behind the Dish.”

Stay tuned, Stay Hungry. #thefoodguy Michael J. Torres

Hot Dog Pete’s: 25 Georgia Ave. SE Atlanta, GA 30312 PH: 470.369.6777

Rating: Oscar Wiener (The Best, award winning)

Major League Teams: The Atlanta Braves

Minor League Teams: Gwinnett Stripers, Rome Braves, GCL Braves

Other Baseball: Savana Bananas- Coastal Plain League. A little baseball and a LOT of fun!

Shout Out: Jeremy, Alli and the Hot Dog Pete’s family for making this happen at the last minute and being so amazing & Braves Twitter for always filling my inbox with new suggestions whenever I am in town.

How we rate our meat sticks

  1. Oscar Wiener (The Best, award winning)
  2. Best Supporting Meat (The Joe Pesci of hot dogs- never a star, but you need him)
  3. Nominated Dog (Hey- just getting your name called is a big deal)
  4. Honorable Mention (Average, Edible- No shame in the game – or bun)
  5. Drunk David Hasselhoff (You may be on the floor and incoherent after this one)

Father, husband, runner, and food guy. Baseball traveler, stadium food connoisseur, and podcast fill-in. Just here for the hot dogs.

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