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Mudville: June 23, 2024 11:27 pm PDT

Happy NYY Year

2020 is over. We all hope that 2021 is far better, but nothing is guaranteed.

The same goes for Yankee fans as far as their favorite team. Gerrit Cole returns as the ace, there is plenty of talent, of course, and we wait for the finalization of the roster as Brian Cashman looks at the luxury tax and lost COVID money and more.

From a Yankees perspective, let’s go by the letter using “Happy New Year,” a blueprint for New York to get closer to a World Series title, the first since 2009.

Hal Steinbrenner. Come on out from hibernation, buddy! You need to be more involved as an owner, unless you really don’t want to win. Over the last several years, it appears as though business deals and bowl games hosted at Yankee Stadium mean more than the team your father would have killed himself over.

Analytics….too many. Use some, but don’t dominate the franchise with them. Find balance, Brian Cashman. Stop being a bobblehead to them, Aaron Boone. It’s time to use your gut and play traditional baseball with the current geek approach. Analytics are getting out of control in the Bronx.

Paxton, James. Please don’t bring him back. Big Game Maple? Hardly.

Pinstripe Pride. Start putting some effort in. This team is soft and emotionally not into it on the field and are getting out-energized by teams like the Rays.

You finally ready, Giancarlo Stanton? Stanton bombed balls last postseason in a losing cause, but can he stay healthy over the course of a full regular season PLUS October and do it month after month? The same can be said for Aaron Judge since 2017.

Yankees fans want to see less of this in 2021.

New York’s division. The Yanks will fall short of the World Series again in 2021, but the division title should be won, no excuses. Boston is still rebuilding, Toronto is a year away, Baltimore is in the garbage can and Tampa Bay traded ace Blake Snell.

Estrada, Thairo. He seems ready every time he gets the call to play whatever position, but what are the Yankees really doing with him? Depth piece? Swiss Army Knife on the bench for fun? Bundle him up with Clint Frazier, Miguel Andujar and Tyler Wade and go get Francisco Lindor or more pitching.

What’s next, Gary Sanchez? Lazy, inconsistent, still brutal behind the plate calling a game and blocking balls. The Yankees are still committed to him. El Gary must produce in 2021. Period, end of discussion. It’s not even getting late early, as Yogi would say. It’s way past that.

“It’s not even getting late early, as Yogi would say. It’s way past that.

It's been a long time since things were run The Boss' way in The Bronx.

Youth running out. Stanton-Judge-Hicks-Gio Urshela-Sanchez-Cole-Chad Green-Luis Severino- host of others are all upper-20’s and early 30’s. Gleyber Torres and Frazier represent the best players on the team who are also the youngest. This is a 20-25-year-old game now, and the Yanks are fading fast from that age group, which is why it’s so important to get a ring now. The window isn’t as open as Yankee fans think it is (Yankee Twitter, that’s you).

Even out the lineup. Yanks still have too much righthanded power.

Aroldis Chapman. Chokes in the playoffs. Overpaid. Trade him. Enough with the dumb smiles and off-the-field past and neck tattoos. This guy is a clown.

Rocky pitching staff. Cole….and we have no idea. Brian Cashman must get a couple of arms and basically 2-5 will be between Deivi Garcia, Jordan Montgomery, Severino, Domingo German and anyone you pick up. Same old story. Yanks lack pitching, and it will ultimately cost them again in October, 2021, among other things.

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Mike Lindsley is the host of the ML Sports Platter Podcast and operates PinstripePassion.com. Mike has interviewed the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Cal Ripken Jr., Jim Brown , Jim Kelly, Bob Costas and many more. As sports director at WSBU radio, he hosted talk shows, reported on all Division One sports teams and color commentated for women's basketball. Mike also anchored and reported for WSBU-TV. An avid golfer and has two career hole-in-ones, he has also hosted sports radio nationally for SB Nation and Yahoo! Sports Radio and spent time in the Syracuse and Albany markets.

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