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Mudville: April 14, 2024 5:58 am PDT

Yankee Stadium

“If they say- ‘That’s impossible’ – Remember that it’s impossible for them, not for you.”
―Leonardo DiCaprio “The Wolf of Wall Street”


If I’ve learned anything spending the last year being #thefoodguy for BallNine it’s “be flexible” because things change. Covid, cancellations, trips to the wrong city… We’ve experienced our fair share of challenges and we’ve managed to make the best of them. It’s been a learning experience on more than one occasion, and I think it’s taught me the art of resilience.

The Big Ballpark in The Bronx.

Remember when you left Texas the day before the Kluber no hitter?

Yeah, that too. It’s an imperfect science and I think we’ve done a great job pivoting when we need to and keeping it coming regardless of the curveballs we’ve seen.

I remember my first trip back to Yankee Stadium in May of 2021 vs The Houston Astros. I waited too long to go back, but fans were just starting to return and in a very limited capacity to boot so we were patient. The AL East clinching win was the last game I had seen in person and that was all the way back in 2019. It felt like an eternity, and it was a much different time.

The team was playing well, the stadium was packed and the future looked bright all up until the moment it didn’t.

Thanks, Covid. For nothing.

What a weird story we are going to be telling our kids and grandkids one day as we explain the year of weird records and Mickey Mouse Cy Youngs and World Series. We literally played an entire short season of baseball in empty stadiums.

It's chicken. It's a bucket. It's a chicken bucket.

Fortunately, come May of this year we did make it to the stadium, but we never finished the episode. Despite our best intentions, it was emotional, it was overwhelming and to be honest, I just wanted to soak it all in. Be humble. Then the fans started showing up and it became even harder to focus. New friends, old friends, supporters we’ve never met… plus a chance to let the 10K occupants get their frustrations out on the Astros. It was loud, it was fun and I’ll never forget it.

The food at Yankee Stadium is good (although probably some of the most overpriced in all of MLB) and the selections are out of this world if you’re willing to pony up. Steak. Sushi. Milk Shakes. Traditional fare. Beef Sandwiches. The big ballpark in the Bronx has it all and then some.

What about the chicken buckets!?

Yes, yes, yes- the chicken buckets. $20 to roll the dice on 2500 calories worth of fried chicken strips (or sliders) and fries. Add cheese sauce or swap the taters for the garlic fries and it’s even tastier. If you get a fresh one there is no better stadium snack in all of baseball (I’m lying, but it is good) or maybe you get a cold one that’s been under the heat lamps and it’s a pound of mushy taters and rock-hard tenders you bitch about but eat anyway.

Uncle Hal has it figured out because the lines never seem to go down for these overpriced Master Card buckets, they’re pitched as the “value” option.  There’s also a nacho helmet, Wings of NY and some pizza options if you’re looking to splurge, but don’t expect it to be the authentic stuff you can get on any corner for $1.25 in the city.

These milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.

This might be the most you’ve ever talked about the food. Are you turning a corner?

Nah, unless you ask Aaron Boone how I’m doing there aren’t a lot of corners in my travels. Yankee Stadium has always been about the people for me. No matter where you sit, you’ll make friends, and you’ll have a great time. You’ll sing “New York, New York’ with strangers when we win and you’ll bitch, moan and complain with them when we lose as you head back to the train.

I’ll always been a homer for Yankee Stadium because it’s always been a part of my life. First the old Stadium and now the 2009 version where we all gather to blow off steam and cheer for the boys in Pinstripes. Without further ado, we present to you an episode of “Behind the Dish” chock full of fans, friends, and food.  

Yankee Stadium: 1 East 161st Street – The Bronx, New York

Rating: Fancy Pants – Sushi, Steaks and monocle wearing worthy menu options.

Whether it’s sushi and steak in the Legends Seats, hot dogs and beer in the bleachers or a $16 milk shake in deep center right the big ballpark in the Bronx has it all. Just remember kids- It isn’t cheap.

Major League Teams: The New York Yankees and New York Mets (Citi Field)

Minor League Teams: Staten Island Yankees, Brooklyn Cyclones & Hudson Valley Renegades

Other Baseball: Monument Park at Yankee Stadium – Worth a tour.

Shout Out: So many people to thank this week for making the entire Yankee Stadium experience amazing: Jose – who’s becoming a BTD regular, JC, Keith, Max, Pops the Legend, Mrs. T for always letting me go when I’m already barely home…. The Bleacher Creatures, the old guy who yells at you for putting things on the ledge. Aaron, Nicky, Mareena, Shannon and Javy #teamtorres for inviting me to join for a game.

Jose, JC and #thefoodguy™ enjoying a Bombers win.

The “Stadium Food Scale” for ballparks in 2021 (from worst to first):

  • Dumpster Fire – On the menu or in the bowl- this shit stinks.
  • School Fair – Everything is greasy, everything is fried — Limited options.
  • The “Take me Out” – Traditional food, but nothing special.
  • Fancy Pants – Sushi, Steaks and monocle wearing worthy menu options. Fancy.
  • The Babe Buffet — Everything you need and a bunch of things you didn’t. This is the end all be all of stadium food. Limitless options and so much food, even George Herman Ruth would tap out.

Father, husband, runner, and food guy. Baseball traveler, stadium food connoisseur, and podcast fill-in. Just here for the hot dogs.

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