One of the first gloves Lonetti did was a Reggie Jackson model. “This was back when Dom was in Little League,” Jimmy said.

There was a request from a teammate’s father who once owned a Reggie Jackson glove when he was a kid and lost it. The father said he would love to have that glove back. “It’s actually a pretty common glove so I was able to track it down right away, and fix it up for him,” Lonetti said. “An RBG36, a pretty common Rawlings model. Between Reggie Jackson, Dale Murphy and a couple of other guys there were a lot of those gloves floating around.”

Dom is in college now but still helps out.

“I get him over here during the offseason a couple of days a week and I put him to work,” Jimmy said. “A lot of funds go to his college education and stuff. Kind of a nice little side source of income for us.”

Dom & Jim. Baseball is a game of fathers and sons, turns out glove repair is too.

Lonetti said he only had “hardware store” baseball gloves growing up, so it is so much fun to see the classic gloves come through the shop.

Who doesn’t love their first real glove? Let BallNine know below in the comments section what model you had growing up.

“A lot of what we do is bringing back memories for guys,” Lonetti said, revealing the heart of the hide of his business.

Great memories: Live, Glove, Laugh.