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Mudville: June 22, 2024 9:58 am PDT

Comerica Park

“Yeah, life is a carousel. A great big crazy ball of pure living, breathing joy and delight.” ―Ferris Bueller

Sometimes I like to go to a baseball game alone. I’ve always been that way and there’s enough going on between the ballpark, the game, and the food to keep me entertained. Don’t get me wrong, I love being at the game with friends and enjoying it that way too, but I CAN go to baseball games alone and often nowadays, I do.

“Behind the Dish” has had its share of guests post-Covid and hopefully by next season we continue to get plenty of Jose and a growing group of Yankee, hotdog and BTD fans behind the camera and the dish. It’s better that way.

Sure, I can eat all the stadium food in the world, but it tastes so much better with you. My favorite meals the season have been in Baltimore (Jose), in Texas (Chris and Chris), Yankee Stadium Suite 61 (JC, Yari and Sarah) and anywhere I can convince my wife to tag along. Sorry fellas, but Mrs. T is always going to be my favorite baseball buddy. I was lucky enough to marry a baseball gal, a real one, who loves the game almost as much as me. Not everyone is that lucky and I don’t take it for granted.

The last two years of traveling the country and doing baseball stadium food has helped me grow my friend base, my fanbase, and most importantly, my family. There are some amazing people out here in baseball world and if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet some of these fine people, you’re missing out.

Wouldn’t you rather just spend all of your time with me?

That’s a loaded question and I’m going to plead the fifth here. As the season winds down the reality of less baseball, less baseball meet-ups and less stadium food makes my cardiologist happy but my heart sad. This season has been one of the most fun seasons of my life, regardless of how it ends, although a Yankees World Series victory would be ideal.

After taking a whole year off of the most important part of the baseball experience – interacting with the fans, we were lucky enough to get back into packed stadiums with our people and enjoy the game it was meant to be enjoyed. I could go on all day with the sappy slew of words and feelings, but I don’t want to stray too far off the mission. El Jefe likes me to keep it professional or at least I think he thinks I do. Or I think I think he….

Maybe you think too much, man.

And you talk too much, but no one is going to point that out to you. Let’s talk Detroit. “Motown, The Motor City, Hockey Town USA, D-Town and Paris of the West.” This city has a lot of history, a lot of spirit and a lot of pain. It’s been up and down and up again and just like the baseball team that plays downtown the city is on an upswing.

Sure 2021 won’t be the Tigers year; Shit, 2022 probably won’t be either, but they have a young core, some young arms that look legit and one of the best managers in baseball. He’s already done more than anyone expected from this team this season. The ballpark is really cool,  centrally located in downtown right next to Ford Field, and a couple of blocks from where the Red Wings play (Little Caesars Arena) in a revitalized and fun little part of the city. My mom thought I was going to be murdered for attending the game, but she also thinks I’m going to get murdered in half the places I visit. (Mom: If you read this, I made it home safe, Love Mikey) The parking was easy and cheap, only $10 to be a block from the game. The weather was perfect for a September night game and the stadium was empty, but still decent.

The Chicken Nachos.

Just decent?

I’ll be honest, although I understand it, I didn’t like that half the stadium was closed. The second and third levels had almost nothing open for food, and you had to walk down to get stuff if you had a ticket upstairs. The few things that were open were closing by the fourth inning and they didn’t have their lights on, either. There’s a fine line between saving money and cheapening the experience for fans. I really did like the seats and the set up. I enjoyed the game and the views from all the different places I sat. People were nice. Game was fun. It’s hard to get excited about a last place team playing the A’s in September when they both look to be on the outside looking in. I did get to see Miguel Cabrera hit a HR (#502) –  which was pretty cool – so it was a little smidge of luck and a memory of an easy first ballot Hall of Fame player, but that’s really it this week.

You’re done?

I think so.

Want to hear a joke then?


Why do pitching coaches prefer turkey over chicken?


Because chickens BALK!

And on that note, we’ll wrap it up. Next week is an off week, but we will be back soon with another adventure, another stadium or park and most importantly another BTD full of food, fun and hopefully, friends.

#staytuned #stayhungry #thefoodguy

The Detroit Snap Dog.

Comerica Park: 2100 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

Rating:  The “Take me Out” – Traditional food, but nothing special. They had LOTS of meat stick options- all different hot dogs and sausages, pizza, tacos, nachos, popcorn and all the traditional stuff. Nothing blew me away, but it was the best ice cream I have had in a stadium to date.

Major League Teams: The Detroit Tigers

Minor League Teams: Triple-A Toledo Mud Hens, Double-A Erie Seawolves, High-A West Michigan Whitecaps and Low-A Lakeland Flying Tigers (Florida)

Other Baseball: The Biggest Little Baseball Museum and The House of David Baseball Museum (Look it up and you’re welcome)

Shout Out: I would like to send a special thanks to the conductor of the merry-go-round for allowing this grown ass man child to ride it and film a better ending than I might have filmed sitting in the stands. You’re the real MVP!

The “Stadium Food Scale” for ballparks in 2021 (from worst to first):

  • Dumpster Fire – On the menu or in the bowl- this shit stinks.
  • School Fair – Everything is greasy, everything is fried — Limited options.
  • The “Take me Out” – Traditional food, but nothing special.
  • Fancy Pants – Sushi, Steaks and monocle wearing worthy menu options. Fancy.
  • The Babe Buffet — Everything you need and a bunch of things you didn’t. This is the end all be all of stadium food. Limitless options and so much food, even George Herman Ruth would tap out.

Father, husband, runner, and food guy. Baseball traveler, stadium food connoisseur, and podcast fill-in. Just here for the hot dogs.

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