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Mudville: May 23, 2024 2:46 pm PDT

Roy White

Former New York Yankee Roy White joins host Chris Vitali to discuss his Yankee career, playing in Japan with Sadaharu Oh and his new book: From Compton to the Bronx.

“During those down years in the late 1960s until the mid ‘70s, White gave Yankee fans something wonderful to watch, a complete ballplayer, who did his job – even when that job meant hitting fourth behind Mickey Mantle – and then went on to play a key role in the Yankees late ‘70s World Series resurgence.” – Kevin Kernan, The Classiest Yankee

Roy White played his entire MLB career with the Yankees, from 1965-1979. He ranks in the team’s top 25 all-time in almost every major statistical category and believe it or not, batted fourth behind both Mickey Mantle in – in Japan – Sadaharu Oh in his career, despite self admittedly not being a home run hitter.

Today, he shares some incredible stories about his career and more, and his new book From Compton to the Bronx is available everywhere now.

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Chris is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of BallNine and was the other half of the battery for the 1986 Belleville Recreation Farm League Champion Indians. Sometimes answers to "Willie Randolph Hearst". After a few years as a touring musician he decided to become a Chef, a position he held until the industry almost killed him. Now he likes to spend his time talking about the absurdities of baseball and training desert animals that kill.

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