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Mudville: April 18, 2024 10:46 am PDT

El Jefe Speaks

Allow me to say this right now.

BallNine is here and we are not going away.

We are a new and refreshingly different kind of baseball multimedia company.

Think about a sunset you saw for the first time and it was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen; then you picked apart everything wrong with the overly thick cloud cover ruining your view.

Yeah, that’s us.

Everyone can report on the bad news that is being regurgitated right now by everyone else… and they are.

No one gives a damn.

It’s the same old same old, time and time again.

We can only hear about Blake Snell’s tone deafness so much. And if you think he was right?

You’re not only not our demographic but you’re the demograpahic who needs to honestly needs to hear what we’re telling you.

Maybe instead of shitting on history you can suspend your belief for a minute and listen to how things actually were.

You’ll be shocked how much we all have in common when it comes to Love of the Game.

There may not be baseball right now nor may we speak about it consensually.

But I’ll be Goddamned if there isn’t 150 years of history to dive into and to get people riled up about.

We are here to change the way you think and read about baseball.

That’s our mission.

We want you to re-connect with your Grandfather or crazy old Uncle Sal who knows he knows more about baseball than you will ever forget.

We want to restart arguments long ago thought extinguished.

We’re going to do it.

We ARE doing it.

We’re going to bring you closer to America’s Pastime than you might deserve to be, featuring our core of professional journalists and voices you havent heard scream the same diatribes at you again and again and again.

I don’t want us to be a competitor to anyone.

We are a brand new type of company, one who will ultimately make you bury your head in a pile of old dusty stats or go watch some videos that tickle your pickle and make you want to do one of those stupid internet dances.

As far as I’m concerned, we are unparalleled in the industry and if you don’t mind my saying, we’re quite the trailblazers.

If anything, think of us as that weird Encyclopedia on your grandparents’ shelf… but funnier and with WiFi.

We are here, and we are not going away any time soon.

So get used to us.

There’s nothing like us in the baseball world and I can guarantee you it stays that way. I created this company to be one of a kind and we shall remain one of a kind.

Unlike anyone else we talk to the Greats of the game and hear what they have to say, because nothing is funnier than hearing history as it happened.

But we will also continue to give the Greats of the game a voice. A voice people need to hear; a voice too commonly muted.

Baseball would not be what it is today without these players paving the way and we’re here to make sure you hear all about it, in every stinkin’ glorious detail. For far too long the living legends of the game have been silenced and have had to sit idly by watching our beloved game become a bastardization of itself.

Well, no more.

My job is to bring you baseball… pure, unadulterated baseball from the mouths of the Greats themselves.

And I do not take this undertaking lightly.

These stories need to be told, and I’m going to bring them to you. All I can hope is that you guys are willing to listen.

There’s nothing better than hearing about baseball from the guys who cast their busts in Cooperstown. Or the guys who deserve to be there and are scratching at the door.

So buckle the hell up and get in the box for BallNine.

You never know where it’s gonna go.

I’ll be here along for the ride with you guys… It’s gonna be a fun one.

El Jefe – AKA – Christopher “Willie Randolph Hearst” Vitali

Chris is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of BallNine and was the other half of the battery for the 1986 Belleville Recreation Farm League Champion Indians. Sometimes answers to "Willie Randolph Hearst". After a few years as a touring musician he decided to become a Chef, a position he held until the industry almost killed him. Now he likes to spend his time talking about the absurdities of baseball and training desert animals that kill.

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